Student Question 1: “Will you see any polar bears?”

I have just arrived in Dallas for a quick layover before boarding my LONG flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The trip is in full swing!

As I mentioned earlier, I have a stack of student questions that will be joining me on my adventure. My goal is to answer as many of them as possible during the expedition; however, I can answer one of them right now.

Several students asked if I would see any polar bears while in Antarctica and the answer is: No, not one. Polar bears live in the Arctic, which is in the Northern Hemisphere. There is a really interesting interactive map/activity (click here) that shows the migratory patterns of polar bears. You will notice that all of their movement occurs at the “top” of the globe.

So, what kind of wildlife should I expect in Antarctica? The plan is to encounter penguins on multiple occasions. I expect to see a variety of birds both in Argentina, in route and around Antarctica. There should also be seals and if all of my hopes and dreams come true… whales. The expedition team includes experienced underwater photographers and divers so I hope to have the opportunity learn from them about life beneath the surface as well.

Tonight I will be crossing the Equator for the first time, and venturing into the Southern Hemisphere.

See you on the other side of the world!

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